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Between salt marshes and fortified medieval town, discover Guérande

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Between salt marshes and fortified medieval town, discover Guérande

Located in the heart of Brittany Loire Ocean, Guérande is famous for being the city of salt. You will be able to discover the salt marshes and understand all the secrets of the salt worker’s job and the salt marshes, all this in the respect of the environment.

Celtic city, Guérande has been labeled ” City of Art and History ” since 2004 thanks to its remarkable heritage. You will have the opportunity to walk around the city and discover the medieval city: the ramparts, the Saint-Michel gate, the Saint-Aubin collegiate church, the Notre-Dame-la-Blanche chapel, the Saint-Jean town hall, …

With its double facet, the city of Guérande will satisfy all the family, as much for the discovery of its history as for the activities to be practiced there.


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The salt marshes and the village of the salt workers

If you like the good salt air, we invite you to move a little towards the sea in order to go to the 2000 hectares of the famous salt marshes of Guérande, labeled ” Remarkable Site of Taste “. Thus, you will be able to learn a little more about the profession of salt worker and about the salt marshes, another name for the salt marshes. Of course, this discovery is done in total respect of the environment, thanks to dedicated structures:

Or thanks to independent paludiers or associations. And to go further, go to the villages of salt workers in Guérande or around, with their traditional houses made of colored frames and slate roofs: Saillé, Kervalet, Trescalan, Boulay, Kervarin, Kergéraud…

Guérande, a city of art and history

Guérande is a medieval and Celtic city, labeled “City of Art and History” for its amazing heritage. We find the first traces of occupation in the Neolithic period. The city began trading salt and wine at the end of the Middle Ages. But it is now tourism that it lives mainly, thanks to its medieval vestiges as remarkable as appreciated.

Indeed, if you enter the heart of the city, you will discover the medieval city and its ramparts dating from the 14th century. The enclosure is also composed of four doors, located at the four cardinal points: the door Saint-Michel (east), Bizienne (west), Vannetaise (north) and Saillé (south). A fifth opening was made in the middle of the 19th century: the poterne du Tricot. There is also thecollegiate church of Saint-Aubin, classified as a “Historic Monument” with a complex architecture, a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. The Notre-Dame-la-Blanche chapel is the oldest building in the city, built in the 13th century.

The illuminations of Guérande

To highlight its heritage, the city of Guérande dresses up in light at nightfall. These are the illuminations ” Guérande by Light “. The city has thus imagined a “lighting plan” to highlight buildings such as the Saint-Aubin Collegiate Church or the medieval city, the parks and gardens as well as the moats. You will find a light trail to admire all this heritage. “Guérande by Light” is part of a sustainable development approach with low-energy lighting that blends in perfectly with the environment due to its discretion. In addition, for the major events of the year, different colors illuminate the heritage: yellow-orange for the Fête de la Musique, blue/white/red for the Fête Nationale or blue/cyan with snowflakes and stars for Christmas.

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