Our actions for the planet

Concerned about the environment and its ecological footprint, Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet, has implemented several eco gestures. At our level, we implement ecological solutions to participate in the preservation of our planet.

Awareness of bio-waste sorting at the campground

What is biowaste?

Are you completely unfamiliar with the term biowaste? We explain in more detail what it is.

Bio-waste is defined by several aspects. It can be biodegradable and non-hazardous waste, which will usually be found in gardens or parks. This is what is more commonly known as “green waste” (dead leaves, grass clippings, shrub trimmings…). It can also be food waste, known as “kitchen and table waste” (food scraps and peelings from fruits and vegetables).

How does Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet sort bio-waste?

The waste is usually buried or incinerated.

When buried in landfills, the waste that piles up causes soil pollution and promotes the emission of a gas: methane. This gas is partly responsible for global warming since it produces a warming power twenty-five times greater than CO2. Incineration also produces greenhouse gases.

That’s why Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet has set up the sorting of its bio-waste. Thanks to our local partner, we can provide you with waterproof containers, which allow you to recover bio-waste. When the containers are full, our partner recovers them and recycles them as organic waste. In addition to the ecological aspect, this action also allows to support the local life, since the organic contributions are intended for the users. In order to allow you to participate in this process, Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet, provides you, upon your arrival, buckets to sort your own biowaste.

Good ecological practices at Camping Paradis l’Île de Kernodet

Committed to this approach, Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet has invested in specific lighting for its exteriors and mobile homes. These are all equipped withLED bulbs, which are known to consume less electricity without losing lighting quality. Another important element of consumption is the heated swimming pool. In order to offer you a pool at the right temperature, the campsite has invested in a heat pump. Just like LED bulbs, the objective is to make significant energy savings.

The possible eco-actions in your mobile homes

Just like the campsite, you want to actively participate in the actions to preserve our planet? In each of your mobile homes, you will find small “eco-actions” leaflets. These leaflets give you some tips and actions that can be easily carried out on a daily basis. If you have any questions about these, or if you want to do more, do not hesitate to call the team of Camping Paradis l’Ile de Kernodet.

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